Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wanting to 'treat' a cold with a takeaway...

I have a cold, sore throat and runny nose. On my way home last night I felt exhausted and unwell, and you may identify with the thoughts that were going through my head: 'You can have an Indian takeaway, you don't have to bother with cooking your planned meal, just take it easy.' The illness speaking. I am saying that because for me it is very, very dodgy to make sudden food decisions like this. The ugly truth is that I just wanted a warm, very full belly, and NOW!

Yes, it might have burnt some germs in my throat, but it might also have blown my very stable abstinence away. Thank God I remembered that my food sponsor has warned me against having takeaways on my own, not in a situation where having it would serve social purposes and life. So I dragged myself home and cooked my own meal, and it was fine, I enjoyed it.

Viva la Abstinenzia!

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