Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not 'between the chairs' anymore

In my language we say that someone is sitting between two chairs, if they can't make up their mind.  That was me today, and you see the result above... 

To show you what I mean, I give you a link here to my second blog:

What a day!

The lastest news is that I'm recommitting to my Overeaters Anonymous Programme! 

I will work with a new sponsor, rang her earlier, an old recovery friend whose freedom from food obsession I love and want for myself.  Provided that my doctor agrees, I'll know that tomorrow, I will start on a particular food plan, and do you know what?  I'm not going to tell you which food plan it is because it's not about the food plan, the food plan is not and will not be my God (hopefully!!!)!  God save me from showing off with weight loss results and how my food plan is the right one!  You see, I haven't even started, and I 'm thinking about these things.

I embrace OA unity, our amazing diversity, all our unique paths to and in recovery!

If I'm honest, I'm desperate to lose the weight I've gained over the past few years and particularly recently through frequent sweets binges.  I've watched myself grow - fatter and fatter!  It isn't about the weight and it is.  I'd be lying if I said it isn't.  But it's also sanity I want, peace, being at ease with myself, others and food.

'God help us all', as my sponsor in another fellowship says...

Can't let you (and myself?) down!

Dear Readers,

I haven't looked at my blog for ages, and I wasn't aware that I have ten followers!
Am so sorry that I let it dry out...  news desert...

Right now I'm thinking about my recovery.  I've let go of a sponsor I've had:
Do I need someone who makes me feel bad about myself?   NO!
Do I need someone who is critical?                                        NO!
Someone who tells me that I'm dishonest?                             NO!
Someone who treats me with respect and love?                     YES!

I realize, that with some of my sponsor-relationships I've recreated the relationship with my mother.  Could my mother help me?                                                     NO!
Did she, bless her, make things worse?                                   YES!

I've disrespected and hated my body for so long, and at the moment it is really bad.  I've had relapses not only recently, and I 've gained so much weight!  Am about 4 kg away from 100kg, and my highest weight ever used to be 107kg.  I just wished I could get away from using food like a drug, from numbing myself with it, from fretting about my eating rather than just get on with my life!

I feel and am totally powerless over my eating, that is clear.

I haven't left OA, but I need a new way to make it work for me.

I would appreciate your comments.

I've just signed up for a website on intuitive eating bec. I think I want to treat myself differently.  I know one limit, though:  I cannot handle sweets at all.  Have tried that many times, for decades, it DOES NOT WORK FOR ME!

I could easily swing to thinking I need to do a diet, or the OA HOW food plan.  But deep down I know that that isn't the right path for me.  Plus, I can't do these things long-term.

I want to find myself, my own needs, my path.

I wish you all well!  Please get in touch!