Wednesday, 13 October 2010


The alarm clock went at 7am. I hit the button, off. Must've forgotten to reset it for 8am. Woke up at 9.15am!

Felt intense anger with myself! Self-hatred! If I were a child and had a parent who felt like this about me I'd be very unhappy!!! I'd be very disturbed, indeed!

I am grateful that I noticed how I hated myself!

I started talking to myself, to the child in me. I said to her, "Everything is well!" I made her a cup of tea, I stroked her arms, I assured her that she is loved.

No wonder that I am struggling with my food right now and again and again, with that amount of self-hatred in me!

Who would want to be treated like that! Wouldn't you be disturbed?
Higher Power, please help me!

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